G a t e w a y  K i d s

Gateway Kids exists to teach kids the way of Jesus. We believe that God has revealed himself through history and is working within history to fulfill his purposes for all creation. The Bible tells the story of God’s work in the world. Each week, we gather to explore this story and invite our kids to enter into it: following the way of Jesus and joining the work that God is doing in the world.

Our programs for newborns through fifth grade meet on Sundays during the 10AM service.

Baby Owls (0-1 years old)

Noah's Toddlers (2-4 year old)

Baby Owls and Noah's Toddlers are our nurseries, and are available to children newborn through one years old and children two to four years old. There are two teachers (both background checked) in the nursery rooms from ten minutes before our service begins until service is over. You will be asked to leave your cell phone number, so that we can text you if your child needs you. 

Superheroes (5-7 years old)

Superheroes is a class for 5-7 year old children. We have great toys and activities for the kids, followed by a video-based lesson all about the Bible and the wonderful things that it tells us about God and ourselves. The children will leave with motions to Scripture that they can teach you, and will be able to tell you some pretty cool things about it!

Kid's Church (8-11 years old)

What It’s All About: Life is never easy, no matter what the age. For our children, they are getting messages from their parents, their church, their school, their friends, TV, the internet… the list goes on. At Kid's Church, we’re trying to make things simple. Reign it in, if you will. We’re working with parents to make sure that the things they are learning at church match with the things they are learning at home. Church and Families working together to help our kids. Our goal is to give our kids a rock solid foundation for navigating the tough spots in life.

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