Top 5 FAQs

First time this Sunday? I once heard someone describe visiting a church like being on a BLIND DATE (not knowing what to expect and way too awkward!) We want you to have an awesome time and experience God, hopefully, these FAQs make things a little easier.


What is the service like?

Friendly people will help you find your way around.

A live band will play 4 songs (kinda like a mini concert, but better)

You'll hear a message about something that is practical and matters to your life

… and the whole thing will be over in about 60 minutes

Should I bring my kids?

YES! Please do! Kids love church more than anyone. They will have their own kid’s church so they can learn about God’s love, sing songs, do a craft, eat snacks… they love it. All of our kid’s volunteers (we call them “heromakers”) are background checked. We also use a secure system for child check-in and pick-up, and a paging system for parents/guardians in case we need to reach you during the worship experience. 

What should I wear?

Pants for sure. Other than that, no one cares.

What will happen when I visit the first time?

Our goal is to help people experience God by keeping it simple. If you are visiting, we will not embarrass you, have you stand up, or ask for money. We totally get that some people just want to check out the church, “be anonymous” for awhile – we are fine with that! Come check things out and see if Gateway is the place for you. 


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